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VEGAS GOLF “Golf’s Ultimate On The Course Gambling Game”

#1 Golf Game in the World!

Vegas Golf offers 3 different “On The Course” golf games. Our Original 8-chip game, High Rollers 14chip game and our new 10 chip version. In addition to these games we offer many new “additional” chips that can be purchased separately. Each game consists of authentic casino chips. There are positive and negative chips along with one 1 Neutral (your group can make up any rule you want). The object is to avoid the negative and obtain the positive chips.


Each player begins the round with no chips. The first player that hits a shot that corresponds to the designation on the chip is given that chip. He/she holds on to that chip until someone else hits the same shot. For Example, if player number 1 goes into the sand he/she will hold that chip until another player goes into the sand. He/she then gives the chip to that player. The same holds true for the positive chips. The last one to get a one putt or a birdie is the one that gets that chip. At the beginning of the round, each chip is given a designated dollar value. At the end of the round those players holding the negative chips will pay to each player the designated amount for each chip he or she is holding. Those holding the positive chips will receive the same amount from each of the other players. Make sure to see our online demo!

Option: Some groups do a blind pull from the velvet bag before teeing off! This makes it a little more interesting since each player will have 3-4 chips before even teeing off on the first!

Positive Chips Definitions: (Chips vary by version purchased)

Birdie – 1 under par
1Putt – Once you are on the green it takes 1-putt to sink it
Closest to the Pin – (normally played on par 3 holes. Best tee shot)
Sandy – When a ball is in the sandtrap and it is hit out and into the cup! Tip: Make this 3x the bet.
Chip In – When a ball is off the green and is chipped onto the green and into the hole! Tip make 2x bet.
Eagle – 2 under par! Tip make this 3x the bet.
3 Pars in a row – When some scores par or less in three consecutive holes! Tip make 2x bet.

Negative Chip Definitions: (Chips vary by version purchased)

Sandy – When a ball is in the sandtrap and is hit out and in the cup in 2! Tip: Make this 2x the bet.
Water- When a player hits their ball into the water
Trees- When a player hits their ball into the trees/woods. (If it is a gray area ..majority rules)
3Putt – Once ball is on the green it takes 3 putts to sink the ball
8 Ball – Scoring an 8 or more on a hole
Lost Ball – Losing a ball. Tip set a time limit to look for lost balls!
Out Of Bounds – When a player hits their ball out of bounds. Look for boundary
Seven – Scoring exactly 7 on a hole
SKULL – This is when someone tops a ball. If there is any question whether it was a SKULL or not its goes to majority vote.
Putt Off – When your ball is on the green and a player putts it off the green.
%$*#?! – When a player uses unusually loud fowl language or throws or bangs his or her club on the ground. Get ready to pass this around after every swing!
Lady Chip – It can be used if one does not drive past the ladies tee and/or can be used if one misses a put from less than 2 feet away! Note: Ladies don’t be offended, We know you are better than most men! Men…if you are playing with ladies and a lady outdrives you, you must pay 2x the wager of the chip on the spot to the lady that outdrove you. She must ask for it after her drive. It is too late if she asks for it after her second shot. There is no exchange of the chip…just a given rule for the ladies.
BEER! MOST POPULAR CHIP! Every Par 3…the furthest from the pin on the opening drive gets the BEER CHIP. If it is in your pocket when the Beer Cart comes you must buy a round ! The only way you get rid of it is having a better shot on the next Par 3. What happens if the Beer Cart comes by again before the next Par 3? Answer: Then you are still buying.

See ONLINE DEMO! or to order replacement chips.

You can also download printable instructions here.